PhiRemoval Aftercare Instructions

First, use the soothing cream. The basic special designation of soothing cream is to soothe the scab and to enhance healing. 48 hours after each procedure, apply a thin layer of this cream on the area that was treated during the procedure. Apply the cream at least 2 to 3 times per day until the scab scales off and scab shedding is completed. This may take 7 to 14 days and even more.


Antiscar gel or ointment is only applied a) after serious injuries, b) a surgical intervention is required when tissue scarring is expected, and c) the prevention of scarring  (in some cases where skin is more likely to experience hyperpigmentation).

How to apply gel or ointment?

After initial scab shedding, a small amount of the gel is to be applied on the skin every 8 hours. It should be applied until the skin relief is restored, redness disappears, and the skin color in a area that has been exposed to the procedure obtains the same color as surrounding tissues.


Duration of application: 30 and more days.



  • Decorative and hygienic cosmetics for 10-14 days on the affected area after the PhiRemoval procedure.

  • Peeling the scab after the PhiRemoval procedure, you should allow scab to fall off naturally.

  • Solarium, sun, baths, saunas, pools for 2 weeks after the PhiRemoval procedure.

  • Facials or body treatments for 3-6 weeks after the PhiRemoval procedure.

  • Exercise and body or facial massages 7 days after the PhiRemoval procedure.


*Following the aftercare instructions is essential to the quality and the results of the PhiRemoval treatment.

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