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2B has demolished barriers by breaking down, rebuilding and creating a brand, which is designed to transform the art and science of body artistry. The organization would be considered an outsider company, due to its authentic nature, original designs, and the guest’s unique experience.

The Layton 2B studio is a reflection of the founder’s style, sense of shape and use of space on stage. Everything from the lighting to the art on the wall, presents a story of creative people and how they express life.

2B’s mission is to build a culture that encompasses the organization’s goals and mission, which is to empower all individuals to be their very best self, by helping each individual achieve congruence in their life.


The organization believes that each guest has an ideal appearance, which may or may not reflect the guest’s actual appearance. We are ready to get you closer to the appearance you wish to have. We achieve this process with three words in mind: style; shape and stage.

2B also applies this concept to our students, people who have a strong passion for aesthetics and beauty. 

The individual 2B artist’s mission is to fulfill the goals of the organization by transforming and reshaping the guest’s appearance, by providing a variety of styles, techniques and procedures. 2B’s custom designed eyebrows illustrate the work of an artist, whether that be the use of natural strokes, shading, mixing of colors, space and/or symmetrical design. 2B is inspired by the art and science of Leonardo DaVinci and the flare and drama of Shakespeare. 2B is poetry in motion and a multi-dimensional experience.

“All the world’s a stage…”

We look forward to meeting with you!


21 South Main Street
Layton, UT 84041

(Located across the street from the UTA Front Runner Layton Station)

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